Yong Nuo Wireless Flash Trigger

I quite fancied having a go at some strobist photography and to this end, I purchased a Yong Nuo Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver – at £22 it isn’t too expensive as a starter kit.
Last night, I had my first go – I parked the car up in front of the Town Hall at Linlithgow Cross.
Although in the center of town, it was reasonably quiet, with just the occasional car swinging round the cross to head back down the street.
Set up …
A number of shots were taken, this being one of the better ones
Due to the highly reflective paintwork and being square on to the car, there are numerous flash hotspots.
To overcome this, I set the SB600 to point upwards and using a silver reflector, bounced it’s light onto the car  – this improved the hotspots, although not completely.
[Exposure increased to bring up Town Hall lights – they are very yellow in real life ]
So what next – I need to get the SB600 off the camera, so I’ve ordered another Flash Receiver, so until then, I’ll have to do a bit more reading