Sometimes photographing a line-up of cars cannot be captured in a single shot and you need to stitch a number of photos together to capture everything – 2 Stitchers I’ve used are Microsoft Image Composite Editor      and         Autostitch Both programmes seemed to have handled theContinue Reading

I now have a second set of Yong Nuo Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Tiggers for flash. Last Sunday I had an outing with the BMWCC Scottish Region to the Secret Bunker and St Andrews and whilst at St Andrews, I gave the double remote flash set-up a go. Quite pleased with the results, but moreContinue Reading

BMWCC National – Gaydon 13th/14th August 2011 This year was my 9th year of the BMWCC National Show at The Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon I went down on the Saturday, to grab some photos of the E30 M3 photo-shoot. 68 cars were positioned to form the BMW M badge. Unfortunately,Continue Reading

I’m always fascinated by dandelions – this one was in my garden, before I tidied it up. I’m quite pleased with this photo – sharp detail and good bokehContinue Reading

I quite fancied having a go at some strobist photography and to this end, I purchased a Yong Nuo Wireless Flash Trigger Receiver – at £22 it isn’t too expensive as a starter kit. Last night, I had my first go – I parked the car up in front of the TownContinue Reading

To see my latest work, have a look at neroz3’s Flickr My latest 100+ photos can be seen using the  Flicksh Viewer – neroz3’s FlickshContinue Reading

I was asked by Alan at Linlithgow Climate Challenge if I would be interested in trying some light graffiti photos as part of the WWF Earth Hour project. As part of the Earth Hour project, the LCC had arranged for the Linlithgow Palace lights to be switched off. The photosContinue Reading

I added a page, which shows the last 20 images uploaded to my Flickr. However, the js I added to the header, conflicted and stopped the Lightbox working properly. The solution was … 1. Create a file with your code – save as .php 2. Modify your header.php with anContinue Reading