The Black Bitch The Black Bitch of Linlithgow Linlithgow Palace The birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots St Michael’s Church Noted for the Crown of Thorns spire Below are photographs of Linlithgow taken due walkabouts in the town They are a mixture of taken with my Nikon DSLR and iPhoneContinue Reading

I was asked by Alan at Linlithgow Climate Challenge if I would be interested in trying some light graffiti photos as part of the WWF Earth Hour project. As part of the Earth Hour project, the LCC had arranged for the Linlithgow Palace lights to be switched off. The photosContinue Reading

I added a page, which shows the last 20 images uploaded to my Flickr. However, the js I added to the header, conflicted and stopped the Lightbox working properly. The solution was … 1. Create a file with your code – save as .php 2. Modify your header.php with anContinue Reading